Bacardi Cocktail

Bacardi Cocktail
Bacardi Cocktail

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Cocktail Ingredients:

Recipe instructions for a Bacardi Cocktail:

  • To mix a Bacardi Cocktail use the following recipe instructions:

    1. Chill a cocktail glass with ice and pour it out when you are ready to pour the ingredients in the glass.
    2. Pour the Bacardi light rum, lemon juice and grenadine into a shaker with ice.
    3. Shake well, and strain into your chilled cocktail glass.
    4. Garnish with a lemon twist and serve.

    Enjoy your Bacardi Cocktail!

    *We recommend using fresh juices whenever possible. Lemon juice can be replaced with lime juice depending on your taste. See also the Bacardi Classic recipe on Barmano.

Cocktail History:

  • The Bacardi Cocktail was originally the same as the Daiquiri, containing rum, lime juice, and sugar. The Grenadine version of the Bacardi Cocktail originated in the US, while the original non-red Bacardi company recipe originated from Cuba.

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