Caribou Lou

Caribou Lou

Cocktail Ingredients:

Recipe instructions for a Caribou Lou:

  • Caribou Lou shares it's name with a song by rapper Tech N9ne, strong and great tasting rum based cocktail. It's a simple recipe containing pineapple juice, 151-proof rum and coconut-flavored rum. There's a couple ways to mix it, in a jug as noted in the song, or the following recipe we've broken it down for you in a highball glass.

    1. Chill a highball glass with ice and pour it out when you are ready to pour the ingredients in the glass.
    2. Pour the pineapple juice, 151-proof rum and coconut-flavored rum into a shaker with ice.
    3. Strain into a highball glass with fresh ice.
    4. garnish with a wedge of pineapple and serve.

    Another easy to remember mix is one shot 151, one shot malibu rum and 3 shots pineapple juice.

    The jug version (drink with friends and don't plan to go anywhere afterwards!): using a 1 gallon jug, use one bottle of 151 rum, 1 cup of Malibu rum and fill the rest with pineapple juice.

    Enjoy your Caribou Lou!

Cocktail History:

  • The Caribou Lou drink was made famous by the Kansas City, MO rapper Tech N9ne, who wrote a song with the same name. The lyrics:
    "Half a bottle of 151
    Off of the jug one cup of Malibu rum
    Baby that's what's up
    Then you fill the rest of the jug
    With pineapple juice, and it's cracking
    The only defect is waking up like 'what happened?'"

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