Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha
Laughing Buddha

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Invented by: Duggan McDonnell

Cocktail Ingredients:

Recipe instructions for a Laughing Buddha:

  • To make the Laughing Buddha Cocktail:

    1. Muddle 2 pieces of diced serrano chiles, 3 small pieces of diced ginger, with 5 oz. of Five Spice Infused Agave Nectar.
    2. Add Hangar One Buddha's Hand Citron Vodka, 1 oz. fresh lime.
    3. Shake.
    4. Strain into Highball glass over ice, adding 1 oz. of Ginger Beer as you pour.

    Enjoy your Laughing Buddha!

Cocktail History:

  • The Laughing Buddha is a house favorite cocktail at Cantina, San Francisco, inspired by and when eating a bag of Thai Spice Kettle Chips!

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