The Cozy Hammer

The Cozy Hammer

User rating:4.5

Invented by: Tolga Ural

Cocktail Ingredients:

Recipe instructions for a The Cozy Hammer:

  • To make the Cozy Hammer is simple, yet ingenious.

    1. Mix half Jack Daniels with half Baileys Irish Cream in a shot glass.

    Chilling optional.

    For the full effect, don't tell your friends what it is and demand them to take it as a shot (as opposed to sipping it) and guess its contents. 95% chance they won't be able to! If sharing with the ladies, prophesize how they will be feeling a sudden heat explosion in their bellies and how that warmth will slowly rise up across their whole bodies and cover them in tingles. 1-2 will make you feel cozy, but beware, overindulge and you'll feel the hammer! :) Cheers!

Cocktail History:

  • Discovered during a fun experimental drinking night in a cozy winter chalet in Whistler, Canada, among a fun group of fellow boarders and skiers, The Cozy Hammer was invented as the perfect shot that appealed to the ladies and guys alike. Its name stems from the fact that it’s cozy and smooth at first, and after a few indulgences too many, hits you hard like a hammer. Try it and see for yourself with friends and loved ones!


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