Seagram's VO

Seagram's VO
  • Last updated: 04/03/11


  • Seagram's V.O. a blended canadian whisky, is a famous blend from the now-deceased giant global conglomerate.
    The "VO" apparently stands for "Very Own" as the blend was initially conceived for the private use of the Seagram family.


  • In 1857 a distillery, which would become the start of the Seagram business was founded in Waterloo, Ontario. Joseph E Seagram took full ownership of the distillery in 1883.
    Joseph died in 1919, and a few years after this, in 1928 his business was taken over by the growing Distillers Corporation.
    When prohibition ended in the USA in 1933, because they had considerable stocks of aged whiskey, they were well positioned to grow as a business.
    In the 1980’s Seagram became one of the biggest alcoholic drinks companies in the world, and by 2000 Pernod Ricard had taken over most of the alcoholic drinks business.