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I love cocktails so I started this website to discover great recipes and find places to have a drink.


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bar, pub and club reviews:

Zig Zag Cafe

If you like cocktails, at all, going to the Zig Zag Cafe is a must. Add it to your bucket list now. do it. I had the pleasure of meeting the legendary Murray Stenson who bar tends there, and I can truly say his skills behind the bar justify his reputation. And he's a really nice guy! The rest of the staff is excellent as well. The drinks there are the best and the atmosphere is perfect for having a good conversation. It may not be the trendiest place place in town, quietly tucked away under the Pike Place Market, but I go here for drinks. Funny enough, I lived in Seattle most of my life, but didn't discover this place until I moved, go figure, but now whenever I'm back in town I stop by. So if you're in Seattle, add this to your list, Space Needle, Freemont troll, the Pike Place market, a drink at the Zig Zag...

Tini Bigs Lounge

I've known Tini Bigs for over 8 or 9 years, and it's a favorite of a lot of folks. It's got a great location (the sports arena and theatre folks pack in afterwards), even if the crowds seemed to have thinned out over the years. They have good dash of creativity behind the bar, so it's a fun place to sample one of their masculinity-endangering-jumbo-martinis, or order something from their well stocked bar. I know some of my cigar smoking friends frequent it, even if they now have to now stand out in the cold to smoke after buying it (yes they have a small cigar offering). Decent drinks aside, I'm not a huge fan of the staff there, it's an unfriendly lot, so be warned, you'll get three times the friendliness from Parisian waiters on a hot August day right before closing, than their staff. They succeeded in making me, the customer, feel small. And I've heard this from others. Perhaps it's because they have been highly rated in the past, but that's no excuse. In any case, they better come down to earth before someone else on the ever growing list of good cocktail bars eats their lunch.

The Hideout

The Hideout, is just as it's name would suggest, hidden. The first time I went, I drove right past it. The bar staff executes the classic cocktails with style, and have a changing cocktail list to choose from. Every drink I've had there was excellent. It's one of my favorite places in Seattle. It's actually a 5 year performance art installation, for those that don't know, running March 25, 2005 through November 31, 2010. So go make the most of it before the "art installation" is over! You may want to head their early to grab a seat and enjoy the drinks, as it does fill up these days despite being a hideout. Since it's relatively a small space, it's not always comfortable on busy nights.

Le Pousse Au Crime

Le Pousse au Crime is one of my favorite places in the 6th Arrondissement, just off Rue des Canettes (an area full of bars and restaurants). It's a triple play, good drinks, good fun, and good prices. Some of the bars in that area can be pretentious and over priced. Le Pousse au Crime, is fun and worth the money spent. The atmosphere on the weekend is party inspiring, and the staff there are cool. Several bar going friends that also lived in the area made it their local standard.


Kilowatt is a great, no frills local place to go hang out with friends and have a beer. They have a more than a dozen beers on tap, as well as a decent selection of bottled beer. If your friends aren't doing it for you there's TVs at every corner to catch a game on, and good flow of people in this popular part of SF. Oh, there's a couple pool tables as well. so pour one, and rack em up! But, if it's not your style, there's about a dozen other places around the corner.

The Valley Tavern

Great local bar to meet friends, play some pool or watch a game. They have a long list of beers (at a good price), and good service. They also have a "Quiz Night, every Monday around 8:30pm, which is pretty fun. So bring your quiz savvy friends for those!