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Zig Zag Cafe

The Zig Zag cafe is one of the best places to go for cocktails in Seattle. If not the entire country. The bar staff is exceptional, and could probably make anything under the sun. The location is tucked away under the stairs going up from the waterfront to the market. The atmosphere is good for having a conversation, but it may not be the most romantic, mood setting places. but hey, I go here to drink.


If you like tequila or rum cocktails, and a good DJ, look no further, you have found a new home. The knowledgeable bar staff can shake you a classic, but it's recommended to order one of the specials off the menu.

500 Club

The 500 Club is a classic, cozy, good local dive. There's not a lot of seating if you hit it on a busy night, and the air circulation could be (a lot) better. If you're looking for a place to knock back a few beers or shots, and call your home away from home, this is a contender. Also wondering what happened to the pool table.

Tini Bigs Lounge

Tini Bigs is a decent place to take a date. The bartenders are reasonably skilled, if not over confident, but good to chat with at the bar. They are entertaining in making their trademark, battleship sized martinis. Forget the service in the rest of the bar, it's abysmal and unfriendly. I long for old days when the place was almost always packed and the service was good. I guess having to smoke your cigar outside helped kill the romantic, smokey martini bar atmosphere (and yes they still sell cigs).