' Mick-Daniels Inc, Philadelphia, PA, United States

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Mick-Daniels Inc

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Mick-Daniels Inc
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anonymous smith
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One of the most UNFRIENDLY UNWELCOMING places in Philly if you are not one of the mostly underage regulars. If you are not white and irish from "two street" don't try your luck getting in this place. Basically if you are not "one of them", they will find any reason to not let you enter.

For example, after going to a few places up South Street, I tried going to Mick Daniels last night to meet some friends. I am 27 years old with a valid PA driver's license, and they wouldn't let me enter because they said I didn't look like my ID. Even after I offered them my credit cards, Social Security Card, my car's registration paperwork, basically everything in my wallet that proved who I was. Meanwhile, over half the customers they serve are UNDERAGE! They've been raided by the Liquor Control Board on multiple occasions, and the stunt they pulled on me last night led to an even bigger investigation by the LCB because as soon as they told me I couldn't enter, I was on the phone with the police and the LCB hotline. Way to go Mick Daniels!

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