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Barmano, One world, One bar.

Barmano was originally a fun project to create an interactive cocktail site with really cool features, like the Drink Mixer that has avalanched into something much larger and more holistic. Our goal is to be a comprehensive resource for "all things bar" and promote the good people and happenings of the beverage and bar industry. At the core of the project is our love for a great drink in hand, good conversation and exploring new places. It's an important part of many cultures and traditions around the world. We hope you feel the same way, whether you're a professional in the industry or someone who just wants to enjoy a drink with friends after work. Our bar guide is rapidly expanding with over 53,000 bars in 59 countries! So plenty of opportunity to discover new places, and share your favorite home away from home, anywhere in the world.

Why so many bars, why not just have "the best"? Well, we feel everyone has different tastes and we leave it to the community to rate and review their favorite (or least favorite) places. Be sure and make a list of your favorite drinks and bar (by clicking on "add to favorites").

Anything new coming? Absolutely! We're a creative lot, so count on lots of new stuff to come. Barmano is growing it's list of project contributors that are passionate about we're doing. You can follow all the latest happenings on Twitter and Facebook.

So get started, find your favorite drinks, local hangout, friends, and start sharing. Can't find a bar? Add it! Missing your friends? Invite them! Got an idea for something that would be totally cool, or incredibly helpful? Let us know!

The Team

David Slade

David, is a native of the Seattle area, and now calls San Francisco home. He has extensive product and engineering management. During the off hours, he trained his wine tasting skills with a few oenological researchers in Paris, where he became an evangelist for wines from Bourgogne (Burgundy for you english types), St. Emillion and the Rhone Valley. Despite many "German vs English" beer arguments around him, he still likes cocktails and wine more, and keeps drinking shots of Fernet Branca hoping to put more hair on his chest. His favorite cocktails of the month are a Sidecar and a Brandy Flip. David is a member of the United States Bartenders' Guild.

Steffen Mueller

Steffen is Barmano's object oriented coding machine, and keeper of bar data cleanliness and integrity. He started his professional career at Amazon.de as a Web Developer and worked his way up to Development Team Manager. After several years he left Amazon, and then worked with David at VNU to help develop a European-wide software downloads platform and blogging systems. He later refocused on software development (including Sun Certified Programmer in Java). He's lived the last 8 year in Munich and is a passionate Snowboarder since moving so close to the Alps. His favorite Cocktail is the White Russian ever since he watched The Big Lebowski.

Duggan McDonnell

A renaissance individual, Duggan McDonnell wholly believes in the Beverage Lifestyle, approaching his work with equal parts whimsy and intellect. Duggan operates Cantina, a cocktail lounge dedicated to Latin spirits, as well as AvantBar, LLC – a consultancy group, both of San Francisco, CA. A Co-Founder of San Francisco Cocktail Week, he also serves as a Judge for the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition. So if you haven't been to Cantina, be sure to check it out. Duggan is a member of the United States Bartenders' Guild.

Adam Hurley

Adam is Barmano's Australian designer and web developer. Like so many other antipodeans, he has made the trek half way across the globe to the UK and now can't be bothered going back.

Starting off in web and graphic design in Melbourne, he's since become more of a front-end developer during his time at VNU in London with David and Steffen. There he was a part of the launch of several European based sites. Now he is a web mercenary for hire, currently on contract to Bauer Publishing. Here is his neato folio.

He likes beer, especially German beer. He's also partial to an Irish Coffee or three.

Friends of Barmano: Other Contributors and Advisors

Vashti Humphrey

Of British origin, but can't get enough of Spanish life, Vashti is our tireless advisor to Spanish linguistic issues.

Sven Jacquet

More about me, coming soon!

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